Wholesale – Blackberry Ginger Balsamic Bites


MSRP- $12.99-13.99
Min. Order- 1 Case = 6 Boxes
Shelf Life- 6 months

These uniquely shaped chocolates are made by infusing our dark couverture chocolate with an F. Oliver’s Blackberry Ginger Balsamic reduction and embellished with bits of crystallized ginger.

Part of our Inspired by Rochester collection, a portion of proceeds will go to Foodlink (chosen by F. Oliver’s Oils and Vinegars) and F. Oliver’s has also chosen to match our donations.

Ingredients: Organic dark chocolate (cacao, cocoa butter, cane sugar), blackberry ginger balsamic (F. Oliver’s), crystallized ginger (ginger, cane sugar, sodium metabisulphite (less than 0.001%))

Net wt. 3 oz (85 g)

May contain traces of tree nuts or peanuts

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