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Fermentation and Friis Holm Chocolate

As a naturally curious person, one of the components of chocolate and cacao which immediately caught my attention was the scientific complexity. Are you interested in tasting this complexity for yourself? Our craft chocolate bar selection is carefully curated to...

Creating Community and Intimacy with Chocolate

Creating Community and Intimacy with Chocolate

AKA Xocola'j Almost three years ago, I wrote a blogpost about the quiche word xocola’j, which I encountered thanks to Megan Giller and Michael and Sophie Coe.  Xocola’j is just one word that has a deeper, complex meaning: drinking chocolate together; connecting...

Our 2022 Community Impact

Those that know our story and us are familiar with our passion for using our delicious, transparently traded chocolate as a vehicle for change. It’s been our goal and our mission from the beginning – and for the sake of transparency and sharing some of what we’ve been up to behind the scenes, we put together this Impact Analysis.

One Truffle at a Time

  by Lindsay TarnoffAre you familiar with the story of the girl and the starfish? The tale starts with a young child wandering along the beach after a storm. All along the coast, there were starfish that had been washed up onto the sand, and couldn't find their...

Ringing the New Year in with Chocolate

by Lindsay Tarnoff4 ways to start off 2023 with chocolate you'll feel good about and tastes delicious! New Years for me is about resetting and starting things anew - for example, with chocolate that is transparently sourced and that I will feel good about. There are...

Every Body is a Beautiful Body

Every Body is a Beautiful Body

In this post, I’d like to focus on a societal norm that often re-emerges in the new year. When the focus and comments shift from our chocolate to our bodies, it takes the delight out of our space.

In addition to making us feel uncomfortable, I can’t help but be concerned for others overhearing these comments. The young girl who is entering her teenage years who may now question her desire to have a bite of a truffle. The young child who hears the message that skinny is good and begins to look at and judge others as they hadn’t before. They begin to question themselves, their body, and their choices. And I worry about our next generation.