A (chocolate) flight

Four countries and four truffles
Take flight
four chocolate bars behind four single origin truffles.

Ready for take off

Four countries and four single origin chocolate truffles! One of the things I LOVE about chocolate is that I can travel the globe, enjoying every bite of craft chocolate, while cozy in my home.

A variety of local Thai ingredients laid out on a table

What was your last flight?

I adore traveling – learning new cultures, meeting new people, learning more about the world and myself. And the food!

When you traveled, what did you eat? What was the food that the locals ate, or that spoke to you? Does food create the same kind of connection for you that it does for us?

It’s one of the things – among many! – that we love about chocolate. Chocolate connects us. It connects us to each other, fostering a community, and connecting us to the land.

This connection piece is why we created this unique single origin chocolate flight. A delicious flight without going through airport security – one that will take you to Ecuador, Peru, Uganda and Madagascar. Each truffle is made with a unique craft chocolate, made bean-to-bar with the same love and care that we put into our chocolate confections. The sourcing is transparent; the ingredients are clean, and the taste is divine. With each truffle, you can taste the terroir, and connect with the land where the cacao was grown. You get a little closer to the farmer that cultivated and perhaps fermented that cacao. And of course, learn just a bit about the chocolate maker that crafted that chocolate. We are so proud and excited for our first single origin chocolate truffle flight made with Sol Cacao Chocolate and Moka Origins.

Single Origin Truffles in Box

Box of 4 truffles in gold box made with single origin chocolate. Behind are the four chocolates used to make this truffle flight.

Travel the globe with craft chocolate truffles and take flight with us!