Happy Pride!

I start this intentionally with thoughts of happiness, because, as a community and a nation there are many reasons for us to feel disheartened and frustrated. However, creating chocolate and community is something that brings all of us here at Laughing Gull happiness. And to bring in celebration of our unique identities and of queerness is a chance to be joyful.

This year our team put together a collection fit for a queen (ha!). Our house made chocolates collection includes a year round offering- Rainbow Pride Bark. Through June, this bark purchase donates $1.50 per bag to The Trevor Project. We are proud to announce that we are pulling in this donation to be utilized locally by donating that $1.50 to the Arnett House, run by the Center for Youth, beginning in July. This partnership allows us to maximize the impact of our small business within our community in the most direct way possible. Read more about the Arnett House here.

Our Love is Love is Chocolate Box boasts two chocolates you’ve tasted before. Our Raspberry Fluffle Heart is a Laughing Gull original! Raspberry Marshmallow Fluff inside a set shell, gorgeously adorned with naturally colored cocoa butter. This vegan treat embodies love, beautiful and sweet, and is thusly named Love is Fluffle, Love. The second familiar bite is “It’s Tangerine, Honey”. The luscious honey and fresh citrus flavored ganache in this geometrically shaped beauty envoke a flair in the voice when saying the name.

New this year- Somewhere Over the Rainbow is filled with dreamy caramel coconut filling and hand painted with an abstract cloud filled sky. A not-so-subtle homage to a gay icon (don’t we all love Dorothy?) and features the signature light blue and pink of the trans flag.

Another new addition is my personal favorite- Beyond the Binary. Sweet and beautiful white chocolate in contrasting colors filled with garam masala dark chocolate ganahce creates a stunning bite both visually and in flavor. The experience of enjoying this sweet and savory chocolate is not unlike the the feeling of breaking beyond and finding that there truly are no gender norms (or flavor combination norms) other than those which society imparts upon us. Tastes pretty good.

Together these four chocolates make up one of our most unique boxes of chocolates and we are joyfully donating $.50 of each box to the Arnett House.

Along with our house made pride collection creations- our team has picked a few other chocolates that fit in perfectly with the theme and feeling of Pride.

Our Mind Your Own Uterus and Nurturing Baby chocolates both donate back. Starting in July the Mind Your Own Uterus will donate to a local Planned Parenthood. We fully believe all individuals deserve reproductive freedom and choice and that every community should be seen and heard in healthcare. Respectively, the Nurturing Baby is a new chocolate with which we donate a portion of proceeds to the Healthy Baby Network. All birthing individuals deserve support, all chestfeeding individuals deserve education and care, and the gap in healthcare for Black and brown birthing individuals is a disgrace. Pride month is about advocating for ALL people- to quote Fannie Lou Hamer (and other political activists throughout time) “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.”

Within this collection you’ll also find a new craft chocolate bar from Qantu, “Freestyle”. Boasting an androgynous figure toting only a scarf long boarding across the front of this bar, you’ll find textured minimally processed chocolate inside. The texture and flavor highlight the authentic flavors of cacao. What’s better than being authentically yourself?

jcoco has crafted some of the other chocolate bars you’ll find in this collection. With a wide range of flavors in adorable and delicious sets, the vibrancy in the packaging and celebration of diversity in inclusion possibilities make these a perfect addition.

This year we hope you find JOY within pride month, whether that be from a moment of peace and a bite of chocolate or in a jovial parade surrounded by community.

Karla with Chocolate Uterus in front of Supreme Court
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