Chocolate Gifts Guide for Father’s Day 2020

Sweet Treats to Eat and Virtual Experiences

My Chocoholic Dad

When I was young, no one could make me and my sisters laugh like my dad. As I got older, I learned resilience from my dad, and learned how to laugh at myself. We practiced softball in the backyard often; it is where I learned to throw and bat, and keep my eye on the ball. When I broke the kitchen window with a hit down the third base line, I saw the pride in his eyes – he didn’t even try to hide it.

Alongside my mom, my dad instilled in me a belief that I could do anything I set my mind to do. My dad may have had something to do with my work ethic, and without a doubt, he had a lot to do with my passion for chocolate.

I am fortunate enough to be raising my two young daughters with a man who is an equally amazing dad. When we first met, he claimed white chocolate was his favorite. I married him anyway and secretly smile when he sneaks tastes of my chocolate when he thinks I’m not looking. Our toddler adores being silly with him; they run together, hiding from one another, pretending and making up stories, both giggling the whole time. Our 10 week old coos and smiles easily at her dad. I can’t imagine a better partner. More importantly, he is helping me to raise them to be good people, fighting to make the world a better place. We are all lucky. 

This year, I am feeling especially grateful to all the dads throughout the country who guide us to do the right thing, fight inequities and act against injustices. For all those dads who have raised us and are raising young people who are making the world a better place, we are grateful. It is these two dads that inspired these chocolate gift ideas, and for these dads that we want to say thank you, and we love you. They deserve the best this Father’s Day.

Here are some of our favorite chocolate gift ideas for all dads:

  1. A Chocolatey Father’s Day Bundle: Chocolate lover for a dad?! We’ve got you covered this year with our peanut-lover bundle, keep-it-spicy, and the caramel-lover package.
  2. Laughing Gull Chocolates’ Subscription Box: The dads in your life are dads all year long, and they do the best dad-ing with chocolate. Four times a year, subscribers receive a box of chocolate treats that will make your tastebuds dance! A box may include signature Laughing Gull Chocolates’ classics, new products, and even experiences. Each box is different but always contains chocolate that will delight! All subscribers receive a free Laughing Gull Chocolates travel mug and our signature chocolate tasting wheel in their first box.At two price points, Chocolate Lover or Chocolate Connoisseur, either way you win all year!
  3. A (Virtually) Social Chocolate Experience: Celebrate with Dad: The dads in our life deserve a little TLC – and probably want new crowds to virtually drop their punny dad jokes. Indulge them in a chocolate tasting experience online. 

    at home chocolate tasting set upJoin us for a unique virtual chocolate tasting or chocolate pairing. For more information, email or fill out this form.

  4. A Custom Truffle Assortment: beer lover? We’ve got you covered with our almond porter truffle made with Three Heads’ Baltic Porter and Once Again Nut Butter’s almond butter. Fruit and chocolate? Raspberry truffles are always a winner here. Whatever the flavor (or flavors) choose your own assortment in your box of 4 or box of 8 for the dads in your life!

Happy Father’s Day! 

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