Out-of-the-Box Mother’s Day Gifts 

Sweet Treats to Eat and Virtual Experiences 2021

Out-of-the-Box Mother’s Day Gifts for a Not-Quite Out of the Woods Mother’s Day

Sweet Treats to Eat and Virtual Experiences 2021

Is it too cliche to say that being a mom has changed my life? Amidst all of the chaos and tragedy and unknown of the past year, my little ones have brought me the greatest joy, and countless smiles. They’ve kept me grounded, and focused on what is important to me. 

Mom, sisters

Sister love, Mom bliss

Ok, they’ve also driven me bananas at times. But that’s a part of the whole experience, right? I wouldn’t change it for the world.

This past year has been complicated and convoluted, full of social, professional and personal challenges. And that is putting it lightly. Parenting through it all adds additional dimensions that I would never have imagined. (We all deserve ALL the chocolate!) I am so grateful for the example set by my own incredible mom – today and in my childhood. Memories of her kindness, love and creativity reverberated over the past year. I recognize how lucky I am to have her to lean on today, even from afar.

Mother’s Day is about celebrating grandmothers too, of course. (All mom figures, really, but for the sake of this post…). Our girls’ grandmothers have supported us as parents, even in the hard moments. And most importantly, they both have the most amazing relationships with our kids. 

At this time last year, we had no idea what we were getting into – we as a nation entering a pandemic, and we as a family, learning how to be a family of four. As a business, we had just launched virtual events and subscriptions – the perfect gifts for the moms in your life! (In fact, even though I make the chocolate, I still want that subscription box, and would totally join a specially curated chocolate tasting). One thing that hasn’t changed: I still want chocolate all the time!

If you are looking for other Mother’s Day gift ideas, check out these below! And feel good about shopping with us, knowing your purchase supports a small, local, mom-owned business. 

Unique Gift Ideas for Mom 2021

  1. A Mother’s Day Chocolate Tasting: Specially curated for moms, these unique chocolate flavors will make every mom feel loved.
  2. A Chocolate Mother’s Day Bundle: We’re making it easy this Mother’s Day with this delicious bundle. A box of four decadent truffles, a bag of chocolate bark, and a package of chocolate dipped fruit for the moms in your life! Want to add on a jar of our decadent salted caramel chocolate sauce or a berries ‘n’ cream bar? No problem!
  3. Laughing Gull Chocolates’ Subscription Box: The moms in your life deserve to be showered with chocolate all year round. Four times a year, the subscriber will receive a box of chocolate treats that will make your taste buds dance and laugh! A box may include new releases, signature Laughing Gull Chocolates’ classics, new products, and even experiences. Each box is different, but always contains chocolate that will delight your taste buds! All subscribers receive a free Laughing Gull Chocolates travel mug and our signature chocolate tasting wheel in their first box. At two price points, Chocolate Lover or Chocolate Connoisseur, either way you win all year!
  4. Chocolate! A Truffle Club membership, chocolate sauce, that blackberry ginger balsamic bite from our Inspired by Roc collection- they are all mouth watering treats. (Pro tip: they all pair really well with wine!)

    Picture Credit: Living Roots

  5. Speaking of wine and chocolate pairings, we’ve teamed up with Living Roots for virtual pairing class, featuring four delicious wines and four locally made chocolates that pair divinely. A splendid way to celebrate Mom, or just enjoy the afternoon! 
  6. A (Virtually) Social Chocolate Experience: Celebrate with Mom: The moms in our lives deserve pampering, especially during social distancing. Indulge with them, learn, and socialize from the comfort (and social distance) of your own home. Join us for a unique virtual chocolate tasting or chocolate pairing. For more information, email events@laughinggullchocolates.comchocolate tasting
  7. Laughing Gull Chocolates Swag: Our merch makes any mom feel hip and stylish. Or at the very least gives her a cool mug to caffeinate herself while she wears locally-made, stylish earrings

Happy Mother’s Day!


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