Chag sameach

Hi! Lindsay here, wishing you all a Pesach Sameach – a happy Passover. This Jewish holiday has always been one of my favorites. I love the food, the traditions and rituals as well as the meaning behind the celebration.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a chocolate seder? You could maybe guess that that is something that resonated with us. A couple years ago, I started looking at other ways my fellow Jews modernized some of the rituals. 


The Seder plate updates

Here are some of the significant items, both traditional and contemporary that we include in our seder plate and why:

– charoset – a fruit and nut mixture representative of mortar, which Israelites used to build while they were enslaved

– horseradish – the bitterness of slavery

– egg – renewal and springtime

– matzah – symbolizes freedom

– greens – spring harvest

– salt water – tears

– wine cup – for Elijah and Miriam

– banana – refugee rights

– orange – LGBQ+ rights

– acorn (we used a chestnut!) – recognizing indigenous land

– transparently sourced cacao and chocolate – labor issues

– potato – Ethiopian Jewry

– shank bone – sacrifice or the outstretched arm of God

– cashews – troops

– olives – peace

Never again

I write these words, and I outline the symbolism, that is so meaningful to me, yet I know there are people hurting everyday –  both in this country, and of course across the world. Logically, I know that placing food items on the Seder plate will not change the world. And yet, it is one small way we can make a difference for the next generation, ensuring that they recognize the importance of human rights for all. We take small steps, educating in the home, using the right words, and showing them outside of our home with our actions. 

 I’m curious – I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. How do you teach your kids how to treat others, about human rights and kindness? I’d love to hear the big things and the small things you do!


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seder plate with wine glass, bananas, oranges, greens, chestnut, chocolate, matzah and horseradish and more

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seder plate with wine glass, bananas, oranges, greens, chestnut, chocolate, matzah and horseradish and more