“Out-of-the-Box” Mother’s Day Gifts 2022

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Moms, Chocolate, and Community

Me and MomOne of the things that I love about chocolate is that it brings people together, and without one another who are we? Our community means the world to us – and so, as Mother’s Day approaches this year, we want to acknowledge ours. Laughing Gull Chocolates owners Allison, Karla and Lindsay experience the everyday laughs, challenges and snuggles of motherhood every day, and we owe so much of the best parts of it to our community of friends, neighbors and chocolate lovers. 

For all the moms-to-be, and the many-times-over moms; the natural birth moms, for those grieving; the single moms, the moms in spirit and everyone in between. We are sending love to everyone this Mother’s Day – and hope you get to enjoy some chocolate, since that is one of the many ways we get to take a moment for ourselves. 

dried hydrangea, a bag of chocolate dipped bananas, a bag of mixed berry bark, and a gold box with a clear top that allows us to see four truffles

Mother's Day Chocolate Gift Guide 2022

While any chocolate makes a great gift, as moms and chocolatiers, we wanted to share some of our favorites! These ethically and transparently sourced chocolates are delicious no matter the time of year, and especially perfect to send love to the moms in your life. 

  • The classic Mother’s Day Bundle – truffles, chocolate bark and chocolate dipped fruit. Plus the chocolate add-ons to let those moms know how extra special they are.
  • Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Check out our Subscription Box or Truffle of the Month Club for a one-of-a-kind chocolate experience all year long.
  • I don’t know about all moms, but I can speak for myself – I’m tired! Chocolate and coffee help, and so we are offering a Coffee Lover Gift Bundle that includes a box of 2 coffee bites our 2 of our limited edition, delicious caramel latte truffles, a box of 4 Mocha Pods (choose from Pure Dark or White Chocolate Peppermint) and a signature Laughing Gull Chocolates ceramic mug or travel mug
  • A unique at-home chocolate experience: a single-origin chocolate truffle flight meant just for you and Mom – or you and your mom best friends! When you experience a single-origin chocolate, you’re tasting something special. By isolating single origins of cacao in this truffle flight, you will experience the differences of cacao from different locations. We’ve chosen some of our favorite origins for this flight- Ecuador, Peru, Madagascar, and Uganda. 
    Single Origin Truffles in Box

    Box of 4 truffles in gold box made with single origin chocolate. Behind are the four chocolates used to make this truffle flight.

  • Mind Your Own Uterus! Need we say more? For the moms or mom-like figures in your life, who love purple, chocolate, and care about women’s rights. 
  • Local to Rochester and love it?! We have the quintessential floral chocolate made for Roc moms. 
  • These are some of our favorites – and honestly, what says, “I love you, Mom,” more than these raspberry beauties. We love these heart-shaped fluffles.
    Two heart shaped fluffles sitting on a clear box outside, grass in the background

    Two heart shaped raspberry fluffles

  • Last – but certainly not least – what better way to celebrate with your mom, enjoy your best friends for a mom’s night out, or spend some of your own “Me” time. We’ve curated the perfect event to celebrate Mother’s Day this year! In-person, at Salena’s Event Space, join us to taste a cacao bean, 8 unique chocolate samples crafted by Bean to Bar makers and Laughing Gull Chocolates. And the icing on the proverbial cake? Go home with your very own hand rolled truffles! Mother’s Day Tasting Teaser
Amano Raspberry Rose Chocolate, Letterpress Tranquilidad, Raaka Vanilla Violet Chocolate, and Coffee Squares on a Laughing Gull Chocolates cutting board with a pink hydrangea

Chocolate for Mom that you can feel good about

No matter your journey or perspective of motherhood, we know every mom works hard and is doing the best they can. This Mother’s Day, send them thanks, or love, or a smile with Laughing Gull Chocolates. 

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