Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Chocolate is our Love Language


by Lindsay Tarnoff

chocolate hearts in boxes and bags set in front of a wooden heart table and a burlap sack

Our Top Valentine's Day Gifts

If we have to pick, here are some of our favorites:

Nothing says I love you like Chocolate that Changes the World

1. For a one-of-a-kind tasting with a loved one, check out our self-guided Valentine’s Day tasting!
2. Peanut butter chocolate hearts and caramel chocolate hearts – in milk or dark chocolate. Need we say more?!
3. Why is chocolate always associated with Valentine’s Day? Find out at our Valentine’s Day chocolate tasting, as we sample chocolates like hibiscus and “melange a trois.”
4. Kids and adults alike will love our chocolate shortbread cookie. Drizzled with dark chocolate and strawberry white chocolate and made with ethically sourced cacao and cocoa powder – yum!
5. Show your love for your loves and for the community and good chocolate with our “Giving through Chocolate” line or our local products.
6. Fluffles. Sweet enough to satisfy any craving! The dark chocolate shell is filled with our own raspberry marshmallow fluff! Check out the BTS video above of us making them!
7. Taking Flight Chocolate: our very first bean to bar chocolates, from all over the world, each one delicious. Try one or all of them in a chocolate “flight.”
8. Chocolate, paired with your favorite fermented beverage on Valentine’s Day: wine and chocolate with Living Roots Winery or chocolate and beer with Rohrbach’s Brewing. And the following day, we don’t want to forget our chocolate and cheese pairing!
9. Gifts that keep on giving: subscription box membership or truffle club membership.
10. Mind Your Own Uterus or Pride Bark. Make a statement and show them you care.
11. Last but not least – our Valentine’s Day hearts. They come in dark, milk and strawberry white chocolate.
chocolate heart cookie drizzled with dark chocolate and strawberry white chocolate, on a wood heart shaped table sitting on a pink surface

Happy Valentine's Day

There are so many more options, but these are some of our favorites. What will you be gifting this Valentine’s or Palentine’s Day?
(PS – remember to treat yourself too)!




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