Corporate Gifts, Special Orders, and Custom Molds

Our small team provides big opportunites to create the perfect chocolate offerings just for you!

Case Study: Memorial Art Gallery Favors

Request: Favors for special guests that show appreciation and highlight the MAG’s decision to purchase with purpose.

Result: Lilac Dark Chocolate Square and Tangerine White Chocolate Square with simple clean packaging attached to the Impact Analysis card that showcases the good Laughing Gull has done through the ethical purchasing.

Case Study: Memorial Art Gallery Favors

Request: Delicious and crowd pleasing client gifts from a business that aligned with their mission and values.

Result: Box of 8 truffles, Everyday Assorted flavors, to please all palates. Wrapped in tissue and finished with a custom made gift tag for a thank you note and description of the gift including the aligned values.

Case Study: Harley School Favors

Request: Favors for a special event that are eco friendly and delight guests.

Result: Dragonfruit Drizzle on top of Dark Chocolate Truffles. The naturally colored drizzle added vibrancy and these fun treats were wrapped inside 100% compostable packaging. 

Case Study: The Friend Team Realty- Client Gift Baskets

Request: Elevated gift baskets filled with chocolate treats to show a high level of appreciation to clients during the holidays.

Result: Decorative baskets with a custom ‘thank you’ tag and gorgeous bow were filled with a box of truffles, bags of bark and dipped fruit, a jar of decadent caramel sauce, and layered chocolate bars.

All inquiries for Corporate Gifts, Special Orders, and Custom Molds can be sent to