We are now offering virtual chocolate tasting experiences!

In person workshops are not available at this time due to the pandemic,

we are commited to the safety and health of our community.

Truffle Making Workshop

Ready to try something new? Come with a friend or partner, by yourself or gather a group of your favorite people to experience Laughing Gull Chocolates’ one-of-a-kind Truffle Making Workshop. Roll up your sleeves and learn the secret to making great tasting, ethical chocolate. During this hands on session, participants will practice the art of truffle-making, from making ganache to rolling and coating truffles.  We will engage in conversation about the history of chocolate and introduce the concept of direct trade. Learn the story behind our beloved chocolate, and what we mean when we say “chocolate with a conscience.”  Come enjoy good company complimented by delicious fresh local snacks. You will leave with an assortment of truffles to take home, a new perspective on chocolate, and endless bragging rights as a chocolate connoisseur! $35 per person

Basics of Chocolate Workshop

The fact that chocolate tastes delicious is no secret. The snap of a chocolate bar when we break off a piece, the bright sheen on a chocolate covered mango, or the aroma of a chocolate covered strawberry. All of this is a result of tempering chocolate. In the Basics of Chocolate workshop, we’ll talk about the processes that create the chocolate that we eat and love. Our beloved chocolate is the result of centuries of discovery, exploration and experiments, sipping, experiencing and innovation. Ultimately, it is the result of science. We will explore the myriad of ways that chemistry and biology infiltrate chocolate. Participants will learn how to temper chocolate and will go home with their own creation of chocolate bark! $35 per person

Deluxe Workshop

This Deluxe class combines the art of truffle making with the techniques of tempering and enrobing. (It’s basically two classes- in one!) During this hands-on workshop you will learn about the production and history of chocolate while doing several tastings. We’ll make ganache and learn how to temper chocolate and dip your rolled ganache to create true artisan truffles! You will use your tempered chocolate to create your very own bark. This class is packed with information and all participants will go home with their handmade truffles and bark.  A local cheese plate is offered to satisfy your palate throughout our workshop! $60 per person

Transforming the Cacao Bean: A Hands-On Experience

At our one-of-a-kind workshop, participants learn the art of transforming a cacao bean into a raw chocolate product. Sample a variety of beans from around the world (from Fiji to Ecuador to Tanzania) and try chocolate in all of its forms. Learn how cacao travels from a pod on a tree to the palm of your hand. Journey with us through the ancient art of making chocolate with traditional tools mixed with our modern techniques. Roast, winnow, grind and taste the results. Go home with your handmade raw chocolate and a new appreciation for all things cacao. $55 per person