How long are your workshops?
Most tastings, pairings, and workshops are 60-90 minutes. We are always happy to create a custom experience for you.

What does my investment look like?
Tastings and pairings begin at $17.99 per person (alcohol not included in pairings pricing) and workshops begin at $44.99 per person. Travel fees for non-preffered venues are determined by distance. Preferred venue rental fees begin at $130. Shipping begins at $12 per person with additional cost incurred for warm weather shipping.

What is your private experience minimum?
We require a minimum of 6 people OR a minimum total investment of $150. 

What is a Certified Chocolate Analyst and Sommelier?
We are certified through the Chocolate Alliance as Chocolate Analysts- this means we have been trained to taste subtle flavor nuances within chocolate and can often describe what may contribute to the flavor profile of a specific chocolate. We’ve spent well over 100 hours each tasting, rating, describing, and judging craft chocolate. (It’s a hard job, we know!)

Where do you ship?
We have the ability to ship all over the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Europe, and parts of Asia. Shipping rates outside of the contiguous United States vary. Use our contact form for more specific details. 

What are your preferred venues?
The Brainery- 176 Anderson Ave f109, Rochester, NY 14607
Salena’s Mexican Restaurant- 302 N Goodman St, Rochester, NY 14607
Union Tavern- 4565 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14622

What equipment is required for hands on workshops?
For our In-Person Workshops we can provide portable gas burners for venues that allow this type of equipment to be utilized. Our Bean to Bar Class requires us bring a Roaster (must be placed on suitable table for heat safety), food processor, and hairdryer (yes, a hairdryer!). We also provide all bowls, spatulas, and various tools. We prefer if attendees bring a tupperware to bring home their chocolate creations as it helps us reduce waste!
For Virtual Workshops attendees will need a stovetop (preferred) or microwave. Small tools needed include a pot, bowl, spatula, and spoons. A full detailed list is provided upon request or upon booking.

Will you come to my home to facilitate a tasting or workshop?
Yes, we require two chocolatiers on hand for in-home experiences and an additional fee is added for this labor.


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