Stone-ground Chocolate Provides Texture and Flavor

Taza chocolate holds a dear place in our hearts (and tummies).  It’s stone-ground texture gives added flavor and interest as it serves as the base for our ganache here at Laughing Gull.  Learn how we make our ganache in our Truffle Making Workshop. You can also pick up Taza discs in a variety of flavors.  The direct-trade model they follow, along with annual transparency reports, allows us to feel confident in sourcing through Taza Chocolate.

Santa Barbara chocolate is the smooth dark chocolate we use to enrobe our truffles and make our bark.  The suppliers where they source their beans are fully accredited with the Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade Alliance,  USDA Organic and UTZ.  Giving care to both farmers and land means a big thumbs up from us, and the taste is truly spectacular. Properly tempered, this high-quality chocolate gives a beautiful snap with a brilliant shine.  Learn how to temper to perfection with us in our Basics of Chocolate Workshop.

High Quality

This 72% chocolate will lead you to the dark side.

Taste and Learn

Our Basics of Chocolate Workshop highlights various flavors hidden within cacao by comparing two of these delicious chocolates.