Our Chocolate

Laughing Gull Chocolates sources from companies whose chocolate makes our hearts sing and whose values align with our world-changing goals!

Where does our ethically sourced chocolate come from?

Moka Origins is based in Pennsylvania and crafts small-batch chocolate (and coffee!) ethically sourced from their sustainable farm in Cameroon, West Africa, or from their Direct-Trade partners.



The Chocolate:

  • Dark Chocolate- smooth 72% organic couverture which is the base for most of our confections.
  • Milk Chocolate- a custom recipe made exclusively for Laughing Gull. Soy-free and only the best organic ingredients.
  • White Chocolate- only 3 ingredients, primarily organic and direct trade cacao butter.

Taza Chocolate is based in Massachusetts and holds a dear place in our hearts (and tummies). Taza Chocolate was one of the pioneers of the direct trade model, which includes providing annual transparency reports.



  • Stone-ground chocolate, which gives added flavor and complexity.
  • Independently verified Direct Trade claims and annual transparency reports (find them here).

The Chocolate:

  • Robust and authentic 72% stone ground chocolate provides the base for our ganaches, sauces and spreads.

We source a variety of craft chocolate bars from makers around the world. The beans are sourced from many different regions. We take time to review these companies and their sourcing and transparency before selecting them for our shelves.  Find our current in stock craft chocolate bars here: Pre- Packaged Craft Chocolate Bars

Vegan and Soy-free options always available

Close up picture of salted hazelnut bark

At Laughing Gull Chocolates, we know that conscientious consumption means some of our customers do not eat animal products. While truffles are customarily made with milk or heavy cream, our vegan options use alternative liquids such as coconut or oat milk, or chai tea.


Chocolate is commonly made with soy lecithin added as a thinner to stabilize the finished product, but many people have soy allergies. Laughing Gull uses white, dark, and milk chocolate bases that are soy-free recipes for our soy-free confections. Moka Chocolate crafts soy free white chocolate and an exclusive soy free milk chocolate especially for us.