Our Mission and Values

Laughing Gull Chocolates creates with a conscience. Each unique, mouthwatering chocolate truffle, bark, specialty bar, drink, sauce, or other confection, is the result of Lindsay, Karla, and Allison taking a global perspective in educating themselves. Part of this is being intentional about choosing a supply chain that nurtures relationships with the people who supply and lovingly farm the cacao. Laughing Gull uses their delicious confections to connect chocolate lovers to the source in a united mission to help change the world.

Mission Statement:

To craft high quality chocolates made with locally and transparently sourced ingredients. Laughing Gull Chocolates experiences create curiosity and inspire connection to every hand in the farm to bar process.

Our Values

Lovingly Crafted Goods

Everything we make has a story and is artfully crafted with care. The love we pour into each bite of chocolate intimately connects us to our customers. All of our products are made by hand.


Our chocolate creations are like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Our passion and eagerness to explore and push boundaries of flavor create rich, unique chocolate experiences.

Social Justice, Racial Equity & Belonging

We strive to attend to issues of power, privilege, and systems of oppression in our policies, practices, operations, and partnerships. Our team is committed to doing our own work and to leading by example. We work with and within our community, following the leadership of communities that directly experience racism and economic injustice.


We believe we can do good and do well. We are part of a movement to upend the male-dominated, profit at all cost industry with a socially conscious, women-owned and led company intent on redefining chocolate and chocolatiering.

Community Involvement & Investment

We invest our time, resources, and power in and with our communities. We engage and partner with people, businesses and causes to create positive change. We show up by amplifying the voices and work of our neighbors, through sharing the joys and complexities of chocolate, by donating products and resources, and purchasing locally.

Ethical Sourcing

We carefully choose every component and pay close attention to how, when and by whom they come to be. We prioritize local, organic, high quality, delicious ingredients.

Learning & Teaching Through Chocolate

This ensures we grow personally & professionally, and remain at the forefront of the industry. Community education allows us to plant and nurture the seeds of change and connection together.

Laughing Gull Chocolates Impact Analysis Reports

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What is fair trade and direct trade chocolate?

Fair Trade is a food industry certification obtained after a single review of farming and compensation conditions.

Direct Trade chocolate relies upon an ongoing relationship that requires transparency in farming practices and fair compensation.

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