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We are doing our best to adapt our business to the current situation. We will continue to modify as information becomes available.
Stay healthy and safe, chocolate lovers!

Unique Experiences

Public and private chocolate workshops and tastings.

Ethically Sourced

We choose to work with high-quality chocolate from direct and fair trade farms. 

Handcrafted with Local Ingredients

While our chocolate hails from all over the world,
we source many ingredients and flavors right here in Rochester, NY.

Cinco de Cacao

Cinco de Cacao

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that the concept is fluid. I write about the business, Laughing Gull Chocolates, the history of chocolate and the culture around chocolate. More recently, I’ve written about running a business alongside my now toddler, my...

The Last 525,600 Minutes

The Last 525,600 Minutes

As far as I can tell, the goals of the first year of running a business and the first year of parenthood are one and the same: survival. My daughter is almost six months older than our brick and mortar shop, and over the past 365 days, there have been highs, lows,...

Bean-to-Bar- a First Attempt

Bean-to-Bar- a First Attempt

Growing up, my favorite treat to bake was a batch of brownies. I had the recipe memorized, and doubled each batch. I can see the cocoa stained in the cookbook in my mind; it evokes the aroma of brownies baking in my kitchen, my mom supervising, my sisters and I eager...

Allison’s Journey to Laughing Gull

Allison’s Journey to Laughing Gull

I always knew that I was meant to do more than sit at a desk and push papers all day. I was meant to change the world in some way. Going through grad school to get my MBA, I often times felt like the “odd” person out. I wasn’t competing for a corporate job or amongst...

It Takes a Village…

Laughing Gull Chocolates, the brick and mortar shop, opened on February 3.  At the time, my daughter was six and half months old. It’s been just over nine months since we opened and it feels like a lifetime with all that I’ve learned about running a business. The...

Apple Stars in this Chocolate

Last week, in honor of the cooler weather and the Jewish holidays, I made a Laughing Gull Chocolates version of Mexican hot chocolate. I sipped the aromatic hot chocolate, and savored the cinnamon spice in my mouth, basking in the heat of the cayenne pepper. As the...

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