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We are doing our best to adapt our business to the current situation. We will continue to modify as information becomes available.
Stay healthy and safe, chocolate lovers!

Unique Experiences

Public and private chocolate workshops and tastings.

Ethically Sourced

We choose to work with high-quality chocolate from direct and fair trade farms. 

Handcrafted with Local Ingredients

While our chocolate hails from all over the world,
we source many ingredients and flavors right here in Rochester, NY.

The Labor of Tasting Chocolate

I don’t remember when it happened, but I do remember my reaction when I first tasted stoneground chocolate. It was after college, some time after I had decided I wanted to save the world with chocolate. I had always been a chocoholic, but until that point, had only...

The Female Business of Chocolate

Almost nine months ago, my husband and I were blessed with a healthy, beautiful and strong baby girl. She was full of personality from the start, and her spunk and resolve have grown as quickly as she has. Although International Women’s Day 2017 was over a year ago,...

10 Steps to Making Truffles

Last summer, Laughing Gull Chocolates intern, Lauren Stone, wrote some blog posts. Here is Lauren's guest blogpost on How to Make Chocolate Truffles in 10 steps! Along with knowing exactly what and where your ingredients are from, Laughing Gull wants the process to be...

White and Dark Chocolates

White & Dark Chocolates   Andy Boslett Chief Economist Laughing Gull Chocolates   My name is Andy and I am Lindsay’s fiancée. I’m also the Chief Economist at Laughing Gull Chocolates. My friends step back from the chocolates and nervously laugh when I tell...

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