Chocolate Lover’s Subscription Box

From: $29.99 every 3 months for 12 months

For those who love chocolate (almost) as much as we do!


A box full of chocolate treats that will make your tastebuds dance and laugh! A box may include new releases, signature Laughing Gull Chocolates’ classics, new products, and even experiences. After your Welcome Box, each box is different, but always with chocolate that will delight and inspire! This box will typically include 4-6 different products and always has a retail value of over $35! 


Upon purchase, a member of our team will reach out to you to coordinate your first box. You may choose to receive your Welcome Box immediately, or start your subscription with the next quarterly box. 

(For example, if you sign up for your subscription in August, you will be offered the option to receive your first box right away, or receive your first box with the next regular quarterly shipment in September.) 


If you elect to receive your Welcome Box upon purchase (rather than wait for the next regular quarterly box), the box will be shipped or ready for local pickup in 3-5 business days following purchase.

Regular quarterly boxes are seasonal and are shipped or ready for pickup in March, June, September, and December. You will get an email the first week of March, June, September, and December to let you know your box has either been shipped, or is ready for local pickup at our shop (1868 East Main St, Rochester, NY). 


If you choose to have your boxes shipped you will need to select the appropriate charge for your payment method.
Pay per Quarter shipping adds $13/quarter to payment.
Pay in Advance shipping adds a one time fee of $52 to cover shipping.

If your billing address and shipping address are different, please put your shipping address in the notes section.
If you do not choose to add shipping you will be signed up for local pickup. Boxes can be picked up at our shop (1868 East Main St, Rochester, NY). 


A special 10% discount code to use for any Laughing Gull products purchased while you are a member. This coupon will automatically be sent to you  via email after purchase. (Discounts do not apply to event tickets, sale items, virtual experiences, or other subscriptions/memberships.) Your subscription also includes member-exclusive experiences and events.


Please create a login when purchasing your subscription, this will allow you to log in to our website to view your payment schedule and manage your subscriptions.


By signing up to a subscription you are agreeing to a minimum term of 1 year, or 4 boxes. Subscriptions may not be canceled prior to the fourth box being received. We welcome feedback during your subscription to best curate the most delicious experience for you. Subscriptions automatically renew. You will be given notice prior to renewal.



You will be contacted prior to us reaching out to the recipient to solidify gifting details.