Chocolate Sensory Tasting


This is for an in-person event at Salena‘s Party Room (Across the hall from the entrance to Salena’s inside the Village Gate) on June 20th at 7pm. Village Gate parking is free. 
Eating a bite of chocolate consumes all of your senses – and everything from the way it feels in your mouth to the aroma, and the way it puckers (or not) from acidity has to do with how the chocolate is processed. What kind of flavors can you sense in these chocolates? Put your taste buds to the test by tasting four craft chocolate bars, and two confections handmade by Laughing Gull Chocolates. We’ll taste each bar “blind” and observe what we taste, smell and feel. Learn the story behind chocolate as we explore the complexities of chocolate together.

Your ticket includes 6 chocolate samples and confections from craft chocolate makers around the world and Laughing Gull Chocolates, a branded tasting wheel, and a guided discussion.


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