Dark Chocolate & Jaguar Crunch


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Part of our “Taking Flight” Collection -we’ve dedicated this stunning combo of dark Ecuadorian chocolate and Jaguar Nibs to the Giant Antpitta.

Our talented chocolate makers and chocolatiers crafted 80% chocolate made with beans from El Limón in the Los Rios region of Ecuador. This robust and deeply flavored cacao is darker in color than most but doesn’t have as much bitterness as you might expect from the color. We’ve added some texture by studding the back with house roasted Jaguar nibs which come from the pataxte tree (Theobroma bicolor) which is a cousin of the common ‘red cacao’ tree (Theobroma cacao). These nibs are nutty and light in flavor which makes them a perfect addition to this bar which we’ve dedicated to the Giant Antpitta. Native to Ecuador, the Giant Antpitta is a rare bird which is also classified as a vulnerable species. Deforestation has claimed much of the Antpitta’s habitat and this connection is a reminder of why we source cacao from diverse and eco sustainable farms.

Ingredients: 80% El Limón, Ecuador Chocolate (Roasted Cacao Nibs, Organic Cane Sugar), Jaguar (pataxte) Nibs

Net wt. .5 oz