Holiday Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Kit


We’re partnering¬†with AltBar to bring you a Non-Alcoholic Cocktail and Chocolate Bundle! We’re pairing our Seasonal Dark Cranberry Orange Bark (smooth 72% dark couverture chocolate with dried cranberries and oranges) with 2 Gruvi Dry Secco and a mini bottle of All The Bitter. The Dry Secco and bitters pair wonderfully with the bark on their own; you’ll also get AltBar’s recipes for the Winterlude and the Champagne Problems NA Cocktails to take your experience to the next level! Use the Dry Secco and bitters, plus a few other ingredients, to make this delicious NA cocktail at home and enjoy with your chocolate bark.
This set is perfect for any holiday celebration!
Bundle includes:
2 x 10 oz bottles of Gruvi Dry Secco
1 x 1 oz All The Bitter Aromatic Bitters
1 x 2.5 oz Dark Cranberry Orange Bark
AltBar’s Winterlude Recipe Card
AltBar’s Champagne Problems Recipe Card

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