Mind Your Own Uterus Chocolate


Our Mind Your Own Uterus chocolate was designed in September 2021, when the Supreme Court made the decision to reject the emergency request to intervene with SB8, effectively banning abortion in Texas. We started working with another woman owned business to create an Inspired by Roc product that would fight this injustice. We partnered with Unstrung Studios to design a uterus that we would make into a chocolate mold.

You read that right – we are offering a chocolate uterus, and donating a portion of the proceeds to Support Your Sistahs Fund. Support Your Sistahs fund recognizes that this ban is racist, misogynist, classist and ableist in nature. The right to an abortion is a human right; we are proud to support and advocate for safe access to abortion and all health care.


For every 28 uteruses, we shed a mixed berry chocolate uterus.

Even having anticipated the ruling, we are still livid. And grieving, disgusted, sad and scared. So many emotions and today feels like a good day to launch this project we’ve been talking about for a while. 

Starting today, July 1, 2022 as homage to an average menstrual cycle, every 28th uterus that we sell will be enhanced with berry flavor. And – it gets better – because when you purchase or receive one of these red lined uteruses and post it on social media, we will send a chocolate uterus to the organization or government official of your choice (or we will double our donation to The Afiya Center)! 

Dark Chocolate Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Nibs, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter
Net wt. 1.2 oz
May contain traces of tree nuts or peanuts.

Milk Chocolate Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Nibs, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Milk Powder
Net wt. 1.2 oz
May contain traces of tree nuts or peanuts.