*NEW* Spring At-Home Tasting


Our first at-home tasting for this season sold out! This new experience includes a Chocosol bar- not often available in the states- which comes from a Toronto based chocolate maker.

This is a self-guided tasting. Have a decadent and unique chocolate experience on your own time and from the comfort of your home!
A special selection of chocolate bars comes with a tasting booklet to help guide you through your tasting.

Chocolate Bars Include:
Dick Taylor, Belize- 72%
Chocosol, Jaguar Swirl- 68%
Luisa Abram Cupuacu ½ bar
Luisa Abram- 81% ½ bar
Taza, Cacao Puro- 70%
Taza, Cinnamon- 50%

If you are interested in purchasing chocolate bars individually, find our craft chocolate bars here.

12 in stock