Raspberry Chocolate Spread


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Raspberry Chocolate Spread is a delectable combination of decadent dark chocolate and bright and flavorful raspberry jam. It’s spreadable at room temperature and surprisingly light with rich flavor.

Perfect for:

  • Spreading on Waffles or Pancakes
  • Filling/Topping Cupcakes, Layering on Cakes
  • Making Hot Chocolate
  • Dipping Sweet Crackers and Fresh Fruit
  • As a Layer in Trifle or Other Layered Desserts

Ingredients: Direct-Trade Chocolate (Organic Cacao, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Sugar), Heavy Cream (milk), Raspberries, Butter (organic sweet cream, lactic acid)
Net wt. 7.75 oz (219 g)
Contains milk. May contain traces of tree nuts or peanuts.