Valentine’s At Home Tasting Kit


Stay snuggled and cozy with an at-home experience. Our Self-Guided Tasting Booklet will walk you through an array of chocolates. Discover new varieties and flavors and indulge during this sensory experience.

Included in this very special Valentine’s tasting kit are several things we simply LOVE.

Goodnow Farms, Ecuador Chocolate Bar- this bar has hints of red wine flavor. The smooth texture melts beautifully and coats the palate in full rich flavor.

Amano, Morobe Chocolate Bar- this is a bar that highlights how a layered experience of flavor can be achieved in great chocolate. As it melts you’ll journey along tropical notes with hints of sweet vanilla. See what flavors you get!

Laughing Gull Chocolates, Marble Swirl Bark- Dark and white chocolate combined in a bark that’s almost too pretty to eat! The creamy white chocolate balances the dark chocolate. Pair with a raspberry or strawberry to change the experience entirely!

Naive, Jaguar and Heirloom Cacao- two sample sizes of two unique bars from Naive. This high-end maker captures unique varietals in delicious bars.

Laughing Gull Chocolates, Jaguar Cacao Squares – Our house made jaguar chocolate is so unique that it’s difficult to describe. Some of the words tossed around are: butterscotch, toasted nuts, vanilla, caramel, and more! Taste our first chocolate made right here in house!

Spiced Honey Bites- One of our favorites flavor profiles, spicy, citrusy, and that honey sweetness to blend and dance on the tastebuds!

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