Wholesale Truffles – Boxes of 8


MSRP- $20.99-21.99
Min. Order- 1 Case = 6 Boxes of a Single Assortment
Shelf Life- 3 weeks

Our truffles are made with stone ground chocolate, real, natural and local ingredients. Non-vegan options are crafted with Pittsford Dairy Heavy Cream. Ingredients vary by flavor. Please contact Allison at wholesale@laughinggullchocolates.com for specific questions about flavor assortments, availability, or ingredients.

Choose which assortment you’d like.
Everyday Assorted – Pure Dark, Raspberry, Coffee, Salted Caramel
Seasonal Assorted – Varies based on availability and month.
Vegan – Includes Chai, Kombucha and/or any seasonal vegan flavors available.