Winter Warmer – Spiced Dark Chocolate


Part of our “Taking Flight” Chocolate Bar Series, the Winter Warmer is an ode to Red Billed Quelea /Red Billed Weaver Chocolate 

This microbatch of chocolate bars was made from a blend of transparently sourced beans from across the equator. Like the cacao trees that grew the beans made into this chocolate, this most abundant wild bird is found throughout the tropical world . 

Our 67% blend of beans harmonizes lusciously with a local black tea, nutmeg, cloves and orange zest. One bite of this chocolate transforms the tropical fruit to cozy wintery flavors. This microbatch of homestyle chocolate has been made in-house by our amazing team of chocolate makers and chocolatiers.

Ingredients: 67% Chocolate (Roasted Cacao Nibs, Cocoa Butter, Sugar), Organic Vanilla Extract, Black Tea, Nutmeg, Cloves, Orange Zest

Net wt. .5 oz

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