Everyday flavors include:

Pure Dark
Coffee (made with Joe Bean Coffee)
Chai (made with The Chai Guy Chai)
Spiced Orange (cinnamon, vanilla, orange, cayenne)
Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel Chocolate Sauce

Made with homemade caramel and rich chocolate.


Hot Chocolate Kits

Perfect for gifting this holiday, these kits make two generous cups of hot chocolate, with vegan marshmallows and decorated chocolate spoons. 

Drinking Chocolate

Rich, direct-trade dark chocolate with beautifully balanced flavors.


Vegan peppermint and dark chocolate provide a nostalgic experience elevated by pure, high-quality ingredients.

Pure Dark "The Gull"

Stone-ground dark chocolate for a rich, authentic hot-chocolate experience.


Cinnamon and cayenne blend together with stone-ground dark chocolate for a warm experience reminiscent of ancient drink.

Wine and Chocolate Pairing Kit

Our Wine Pairing Kit makes for the perfect night in! With one box of truffles and one box of complementary nuts and fruits, it creates four unique pairings for two people.  

Dark Chocolate Bark

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Chocolate Dipped

Organic Crystallized Ginger

Banana Chips

Organic Dried Mango