I always knew that I was meant to do more than sit at a desk and push papers all day. I was meant to change the world in some way. Going through grad school to get my MBA, I often times felt like the “odd” person out. I wasn’t competing for a corporate job or amongst my peers. I had a different outlook on life than most of my classmates. I actually contemplated stopping the program with only two quarters left. I felt like my Ego was taking charge of my educational journey and was forced. After a lot of meditation I landed on finishing the program. I didn’t know why I needed this degree or how I was going to apply it. The universe did though and had plans for me to use it in my future.

I remember leaving Laughing Gull Chocolates after my first visit saying to myself and then my husband- I want to be a part of that. Little did I know that this first visit was the beginning of just that. Lindsay and Karla were doing something that was completely different than anything I had ever seen before in a business setting. They worked alongside their children every day while making delicious, direct trade truffles and treats.
After countless walks, chai and truffles, Laughing Gull Chocolates started to become a home away from home. I would look forward to my Thursdays off so that I could spend time there. Deep friendships started to form with Lindsay and Karla. We shared our worries, joys and encouraged each other through our daily parenting. The inner workings of the business started to become part of our conversations and before I knew it I was part of the team even before I officially was. I was using my MBA to help with advising financial decisions and the future of the business.
I often get asked how becoming a part of Laughing Gull happened. Honestly, it just did. To others, making the decision to leave a well-paying job where I had recently been promoted in and had a definitive career path would be too risky. To me it felt too risky not to leave and have the chance to be a part of something where I would be changing the world with chocolate by redefining the role of women in the work place. There was so much unknown of starting my journey with Laughing Gull Chocolates. I took a huge leap of faith knowing in my heart that this was the best thing for me, my daughter and ultimately my family and have not looked back, once.