How Impactful is Laughing Gull Chocolates?

How we are changing the world with chocolate

by Lindsay Tarnoff

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Changing The World With Chocolate

It’s here! Finally – in writing, the ways that we are changing the world with chocolate. Black and white (ok, brown and white, staying in the chocolate theme and our brand colors!), tangible, we go into detail about the ways we are changing the world with chocolate.

Our first publicized Impact Analysis.

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Behind the Scenes of Changing the World with Chocolate

Want to know a secret? Well, ok, it might not be a complete secret – but we haven’t exactly publicized this either. When Laughing Gull Chocolates first started, we had no idea how we were going to “save the world with chocolate.” You’ve probably noticed that we’ve changed the phrasing – we know we are never going to save the world. But ya know what? We work every day to make this world better – and if we can use our aaahmazing, mouthwatering chocolate to make the world a little brighter, even better!

While we didn’t concretely know how we were going to change the world when we first started, when we sat down to analyze our numbers and the change we are making on a daily basis, I have to say, we were proud! Our small business is pretty impactful. We tried to think about the various ways we could think about making change, and in our Impact Analysis, included everything from giving back to our community, the global labor force and supply chain our environmental impact, and education. Want to learn more and see some of those details? Check out our 2021 Impact Analysis here. Have feedback, questions or comments? We want to hear it!